1 VS 4 Big Guys! Jeet Kune Do Real Street Fight ! 秒殺哥

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muay thai streetfight head kick

This is not my video, the credit belongs to the maker of the video about this karate kick or roundhouse kick. Please see the...

Why you need to learn ground fighting in a street fight – Both fighters seem to have some skill in ground fighting, and once again the choke and the white guy’s positioning won …

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Guy Gets Knocked Out By His Friend

Frat Brothers Say: The Light Skin Guy Got Knocked Out For Buying His Girl This

Bully starts fight with Random guy and gets knocked out

bully starts a fight with a random guy who doesnt want to fight and ends up getting KO’d in the street.

An annoying racist jewish “Comedian” thinks he is funny and gets knocked out on stage

A very annoying jewish comedian getting knocked out on stage after insulting an Asian man and his girlfriend on a show. The Asian man...

Indian Guy gets knocked out cold after calling blacks losers

Guys Leave a Like and Share the hell out of this.. hope you enjoyed that, More AMAZING VIDEOS coming! WHY COULDN’T HE JUST SHUT...

O.G. Fights Guy Talking Shit About His Car (Hood Fight) -Funny Fight-

O.G. black guy Aurthur gets mad when younger Puerto Rican guy talks shit about his crappy car, so they start bangin out, it starts...

Crazy fight. Hood fight. Real fight.

A eazy greazy hood fight. Two ladies fight over a half of bag of dope and 5bucks. (i will fight for crack.)